It is a simple fact that no matter how thoroughly a vehicle is checked and prepared for sale, it can still go wrong. Now, more than ever, customers expect their new purchase to come with the added protection of a warranty – and they want a Warranty they can trust and will work for them wherever they may be.

Car buyers are now more aware of what they are buying, and who from, and their expectations are much greater, so wit this in mind we have partnered with The Motoring Organisation to provide a Warranty that isn't just a piece of extra paper and a smile at handover, but piece of mind that should that unfortunate eventuality occur, help and resolve is at hand.

Research shows that 13% of all used vehicles will require repair within 3-months of leaving the forecourt and a further 56% will require a repair within the first year.

So wherever you are in the UK, should you have a valid warranty issue, The Motoring Organisation will be able to advise and assist you. You will NOT be required to bring the vehicle back to us as was the requirement before we partnered with TMO.

Great cover included in the price of our Vehicles (Up to 12 years old max 100k miles at date of Handover)

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